Long gone are the days of a single pair of shades

Long gone are the days of a single pair of shades

Sunstalker came about when our founder, Mark, (trainee pilot, avid cycler, keen runner, golfer, regular pub garden dweller and semi-permanent holiday-er) was struggling to find a single pair of sunglasses that were fit for all of life's adventures - without forking out thousands on them.

Realising others were probably in the same boat and in need of sunglasses that work as hard as they do, he stumbled upon Sunstalker - an idea to democratise the sunglasses industry by offering high-quality sunglasses, suitable for every adventure, that were stylish and affordable.

We believe everyone deserves to have high-quality sunglasses on standby to withstand each and every adventure, without annihilating your budget.

Adventures have never looked so good

At Sunstalker, we believe that every moment matters. Whether you're hitting the surf or the city, you deserve sunglasses that are ready for anything. And we mean anything. That's why we combine the finest Italian materials with durable, high-tech lenses, that have been crafted to last, and cut out the middleman. We ship them straight to you at prices that won't make your wallet bleed. So you can have a pair (or two or three, hey, we're not judging) on standby for every kind of adventure.

We bet, if you’ve found yourself here, you have a thirst for adventure – just like us.

You want sunglasses that can stand-up to every occasion, whether you’re on a beach, at a bar or even on your bike (note to selves: do this way, way more).

Why place names and cities?

Team Sunstalker's love of adventure often sees us down a virtual rabbit hole, trawling the internet for hours at a time researching our travel to-do list. After reading endless pages filled with advice and travel tips, you build a picture of the locals that live there and what makes them tick.

We wanted to ignite the sense of living like a local with our sunglasses. Each pair will give you taste of what it’s like to be on the ground, to know the best watering holes, which flat white joint is worth your time and the top-notch people-watching spots.

When you buy a pair of Sunstalkers, not only are you getting awesome quality at prices that’ll make you happy to reach for your wallet (so let those moths out), but you’re joining a community of people who live for exploring new places. Together, we’ll create travel guides that reveal the true spirit of a place, not just the tourist traps you’ll find in a guidebook.

We really do care

We’re starting small, but our goals are mighty. We want Sunstalker to help contribute to solving the long-term issues we’re currently facing. We want to steer clear of single-use plastic as much as possible and utilise sustainable products, methods and manufacturing that makes sense for the future. To support this goal we'll be donating a percentage of our yearly profits to Ocean Generation.